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From January 1st 2023 the prices will be as follows. This has been done to match the current inflation in Sweden and the fact that materials (most noticable the ink after the whole REACH approving) have increased in cost.

New prices:

  • Tattooing up an hour (the first hour, this will also be the new pre-pay when you want to book me): 1600sek.

  • Tattooing per hour after the first: 1400sek per timme.

  • Full day of tattooing (6h): 7000sek

    • When you book a full day you pay for it regardless if you can't handle getting tattooed a full day (this is done as I can't expect to find or book someone else on such short notice).

    • Normaly a 6h day would cost 8600sek, so it's a 1600sek discount if you book a full day. This is as intended.

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