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Ape Man Art is a recently opened tattoo studio in central Sandviken, Sweden. Currently it hosts only one artist, who is also the owner: Niklas Wessling

Niklas has run his own business, with the same name as the studio, since the end of 2011. Before opening his own studio in Sandviken, he apprenticed for PJ Svedberg at Fallen Angel Tattoo in Gävle

where he also worked for the first five years.

Style-wise there are no specific preferences, but Niklas has

a strong fascination with Norse mythology, and really enjoys

doing black and grey tattoos that lean towards the more

realistic motifs.


If you have any questions, check out how to contact the

studio under the Contact page.


And if you want to see some of the work Niklas does, check

the Portfolio here, or use the social links below! 


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